Engage Employees on Climate
Help your employees easily take action on climate change through our Employee Benefit Program
Why Choose Upward
Make An impact
With Upward’s Employee Benefit Program, your employees will make a tangible impact on the environment through tracking, reducing and offsetting their carbon footprint. We'll help your employees take meaningful action on climate change, and show you the massive impact Upward can have across your company.
Drive Employee Engagement
Addressing climate change and sustainability in your organization is no longer an option — it's a business imperative. Employees value employers who prioritize sustainability and take meaningful climate action. Giving them access to Upward, subsidizing sustainable choices, and building community around climate responsibility will show your dedication to issues that matter to them.
Features & benefits
Subsidize OffsetsCover partial or full costs of your employees' carbon offsets and empower them to make more sustainable choices
Engagement ReportsReceive monthly or quarterly reports that highlight your company's collective impact. Learn about additional ways to support your employees based on their behavior.
Brand AwarenessEmployees are incredible brand advocates. When they’re engaged and excited by a company benefit that highlights their values, they’ll let the world know.
Employee EducationEmployees don't just receive carbon offsets, they get deep insights and education about sustainable living, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.
Customised ProgramsEvery business is different. We offer customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization.
Climate EducationEmpower your employees with deep insights about the impact of their spending habits and educate them about sustainable living practices that will foster a culture of carbon footprint reduction.
How it works
Contact us to discuss your company's specific needs
Work with our team to customize your sustainability program
We'll help you get your employees onboarded smoothly
Track your company's progress and celebrate your impact
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